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The “New” Myspace

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I need to start this blog post by mentioning I never actually used the old Myspace. I signed up for about a week, got over-inundated with friend requests from strange people I had never met and immediately shut down my account. Even in high school I valued my privacy, which is why I blogged about my entire life on my Xanga (those were the days). Fast-forward a lot of years and here we are in 2012. Our world is dominated by visual images and the social platforms that do the best are the ones that appeal at a glance. Think Pinterest (which hit 10 million U.S. visitors faster than any independent site in

history – via Mashable), Instagram (in March it was reported the site had 58 photos uploaded every second), Tumblr (boasting 74.9 million blogs with 32.3 billion posts) and now we potentially have the “new” Myspace.


I didn’t have a lot of hope for Myspace. Quantcast is reporting that the site currently sees about 14.1 million unique visitors per month. When compared with Pinterest’s 53.7 million or Facebook’s 140.9 million the ROI just wasn’t there. I have encouraged clients to quietly leave their pages behind. To turn to platforms with continued proven success. As a social media planner I find myself skeptical of each new social platform pledging to be the next big thing. I mean after all, we saw how that worked out with Google+. The search giant reported in June that there were currently 250 million accounts (150

million active) with 50% of the user base signing in daily. My question for Google is what does active mean and what account are these users logging into daily? Are they logging into a Google account, which natively logs them into the social platform, or are they actively seeking out Google+ profiles? With only 12 minutes per day spent in the Google+ stream, I doubt they are seeking out their profiles, but that question has yet to be answered.


In addition to being a new platform skeptic, I’m in full agreement with Paul Schoknect’s article on about the next big thing happening on mobile. The mobile/tablet space is largely unexplored and a huge land of opportunity for anyone who takes the time to dive in. However, it has to be done right. We can’t keep having platform after platform of imitators. Users don’t want another Pinterest; they want what comes next.  After seeing the first videos of the “new” Myspace, I think we potentially have what comes next. It just depends on what the mobile execution looks like.


Check out the video here and sign up for an invite here. What do you think? Could Justin Timberlake have actually resurrected the former social media juggernaut and brought it back to its place of glory? Has he turned this dying brand around? Only time will tell.


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